Thursday, May 1, 2008

What do you Say?

Ok, so I've actually gone to post several times...but erased it every time! I've not known what to say! Our family has received so much love and support that we truly have been speechless! From the very beginning of this "adventure" people have been pouring out their love in so many incredible ways! Seriously, what do you say? I think people probably think I'm a little bit of a weirdo...every time anyone does anything nice for us, I clam up and begin stuttering. The only real words that continues to spill out of my mouth are "thank you, thank you, thank you!" We just had no idea we would have this kind of support! I remember the night of Michael's accident and the feelings of sheer terror! We didn't know how we were going to take care of our family through all of this! It's just something you don't think would happen to you...but almost instantly we were encircled by guardian angels! There's just no other way to put it...It's like a giant fist was swinging our way ready to crush...then suddenly hundreds came running with a gargantuan pillow to soften the blow! I have to think of things in metaphors or else I get really confused! So THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has thrown a "pillow" our way! We would have never made it this far without you!

Gosh, we love you! Thank you!


Michael, Michelle, Brody & Jocelyn Kemp

Michael Update:

Mike is doing more and more everyday! He's able to stay up for longer periods of time and transfer with more ease...he's meeting awesome people with similar injuries...his spirits are still incredibly high...and yes...his biceps are incredibly sexy...he's so strong! Our plans are to go to an out patient rehab center up in South Jordan called Neuroworx! It was started by Dale Hull who became a quadriplegic in 1999 from a trampoline accident. He had no mobility or feeling from his neck down. His first goal was to move his hand enough so that he could work an electric wheelchair with a joy stick rather then one with straw. After doing rehab full time for 2 1/2 years he helped carry the torch in the 2002 winter Olympics! So yes, he walks today! It was so neat to meet him! Their staff, equipment, and facility is really cool! If you're interested in seeing more, you can just click on this link: Anyway Mike and I were really impressed and are excited to get going! We're just waiting for the go ahead from the Neurologist. Mike is still wearing his TLSO (also known as a "turtle shell") that cannot come off until he is fully healed from his surgery. The TLSO covers him from his lower waist to above his chest. The doctor said it will not come off for at least three months from the time of his surgery...which was almost two months ago! There are a lot of exercises he cannot do with the TLSO...because he's still healing...but hopefully in the meantime there is still enough that he can do with it on! We're supposed to meet with his doctor next week! Wish us luck!


Becky said...

You know the Lord said he would never give you more than you could handle, you must be very special people and he has a very special plan in store for you. Good Luck with the progress, and tell Mike to keep up his spirits.

The Gomes Family said...

You guys rock! This is going to work, he is going to so walk again so get ready.

The Larson Family said...

Your little baby is so precious! That rehab facility seems awesome! I will not be surprised at all when I see Mike walking around someday. You guys have so much drive and are so positive. I hope things go great for you!

RazzFamily said...

It was SO good to see you last night at the auction, what a fun and amazing night! I loved talking to you and getting a little more in depth on the extent of the situation. I now have a much bigger (if thats possible) appreciate for the woman you are and the man Mike is. You are totally going to nip this in the bud! I too believe Mike will be walking again in the near future, if faith can move mountains, it can move muscles. Not a day goes by I don't think about you guys! We love you and God Bless ALWAYS!!!!

C&T Family said...

You guys are so wonderful! You both look great and your faith has strengthen our family's testimonies. We love you!

maeris simkins said...

hey michelle its maeris that used to work at einstein bagels with you. alison riding sent me a text with your blog, what an amazing family you are. i would love to catch up with you. you can either call me or email me my number is 650-759-7423 and my email is hope to hear from you.

Danelle said...

hey michelle it is Danelle Walker (Bradley) i used to work at Einsteins with you! I still talk to maeris and ali so i heard what happened and what a amazing family you have! your kids are beutiful and i would love to get in touch with you i have a blog to or you can e mail me at