Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Miracle Amongst the Flames...

Honestly, I haven't known what to say since Friday night when we heard the horrible news that Greg and Emery's home burned down. That evening Emery and the kids had come to stay for the about 10:00 pm Emery received a phone call from Mike's brother Ben (who lives just down the road from their home) saying that Greg and Emery's home was completely engulfed in flames. This was a shock to us all...Greg (Michael's brother) was an hour away up the canyon at a scout camp out when he received the news. By the time Greg made it there it was gone. The miracle...they are all together and safe.

We are all trying to make sense of this...but really don't know what to say except how grateful we are that they are safe. They will be staying with Dale and Elaine and us for a little while until they sort things out...another blessing is they had fire insurance which will cover most things...if that can get worked out...except for the hard things such as journals, pictures, mementos and other memories. We still cannot believe it...and are not sure exactly how it happened...but we'll keep things posted as we learn the mean time thank you to all those who have come with arms full of clothing, toys, blankets and love...they are well loved...we are so blessed with wonderful friends and family. Greg and Emery are such an example to me. They are handling it so well...knowing that the most important things in life weren't in that home...and that family is everything. They remind me how important it is to roll with the punches...and still smile. Sorry for the muddled words...I truly just don't know what to say...except that we are incredibly grateful for the protection of our Heavenly Father and his loving angels who come in the form of family and friends...if wondering what you can do...a prayer for peace and that things can run smoothly in sorting all of this out... Thank you!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Like a Bird...We Have our Ups and Downs...

For some reason I seem to have a plethora of ups and downs...for my family and friend's sake...I wish I could control those better...but I seem to stay consistently on my bumpy roller coaster of I just wanted to thank those who are willing to jump on that crazy ride with me... laughing and crying with all the "ups"...and laughing and crying with all the "downs"...making the ride not quite so bumpy! Thank know who you are!

What beautiful hair you have!
Can I just say Mom...what a great Grandma you are...getting out there and jumping on the trampoline with Brody...even with me snapping away...I love you...thanks for the giggles!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Forever Family...

Saturday, Little Leiah was sealed to her family for time and all eternity... she has brought so much joy!

I keep trying to write the feelings I have from attending such a miraculous occasion...but I am speechless...their example has replenished my thirst for the spirit! Their example has taught matter how impossible the goal may seem...just keep pushing for in every footstep. Congratulations Dave and Lori!!!

Dave and Lori were so good to let me practice taking pictures of their beautiful family...what troopers!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Giggely Boys + Picture Happy Mammas = Humpty Dumptys?

Everybody Smile!!!

Everybody Hug!!!

Uh Oh...

Needless to say we felt awful about the fall!!! Good news...after several hugs and kisses they are all alive and well...bouncing off many more walls!
PS In case any of you are wondering why I was still clicking while they were falling...the only thing I can think of is delayed reaction and the speed shutter mode thingy (the camera kept clicking) if there were another picture just their feet in the'd be a funny pic...but I'd really win the "Bad Mommy Award!"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Video of Mike Crawling...

As many of you know, Mike has just recently begun crawling entirely on his own! Because I'm not able to go with him to physical therapy very often anymore I haven't been able to get him on video...much less even see him crawl...but once. But last Friday (Halloween) we decided to go with him as a family...Elaine even came. He is improving so much...getting stronger at the stationary bike and balancing on the walker much better! And right at the end...we were able to see him crawl...he is absolutely amazing...and I love him...

You can pause the playlist on the blog to hear the music...or just turn the sound down all together...I just have to put music to everything for some reason.

Don't mind all the "Dalmatian puppies" in the was Halloween and they had 101 Damnation's theme going was really funny...sorry it took so long to finally post!

Here to Save the Day!

If you couldn't tell...Brody was a super hero for Halloween! And boy did he take it's costumes like this that happen when I wait until the last minute...oh well...we had a lot of fun!