Friday, August 29, 2008

Faith and Guts...

Day three and counting...of life as a student at the Utah Valley University (UVU)! Through Vocational Rehab Mike's been able to take 14 credits. Math, Business Law, Principles of Leadership, and Business Presentations. His focus is accounting right now...but he might go into business management or even law. Really the sky's the limit! These first few semesters will help sort out the waters a bit. Since beginning...every evening has been focused on homework. Between classes every day, homework, and physical therapy three times a week he's pretty busy! It's been nearly 8 years since he's been in school. He feels like a fish out of water...but he's excited to get going on the next step! I'm so proud of him! It takes a lot of faith and guts to go back to school...but those are two things Mike has a whole lot of! Love you Mike!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Does this diaper make me look fat... 'bout this one? on Tuesday Jocelyn had her "6 month" check up (She's really 7 months old...but we're a little behind). I was excited to see what percentile she had for weight! I'm not sure if ya'll have seen her lately...but she can pack a mighty good roll on those legs, arms, ankles, chin, neck...and tummy! Well...the results are in...she's in the 30th percentile? What? I guess she's normal...or perhaps a little below normal. She's in the 60th percentile for height and the 86th percentile for head size...yep...we have a little skinny...brainiac on our hands! But isn't she cute! I'll take 30th percentile rolls any day! Love you Jocelyn!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Miracle... there is TONS to say and tell...but it is WAY too late to try and explain more than this incredibly exciting news! Mike peddled a stationary bike. Yes...there's no mistaking...he peddled with his muscles and nothing else. He was using the muscles that he has been having return in which is his right and left hipflexers (the left hipflexer is one of his most recent muscle returns)...and a lot of his upper right leg! I don't even know how to explain it...but he did it...twice...twenty minutes a piece! It is a phenomenal feat! And we are both incredibly excited and humbled!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And He's Out'a Here!!!

It's hard to see in this picture...but there's really not much to it...just one controls both the gas and the breaks...and then he has a knob on the steering wheel to make it easier and safer to turn!

And he's out'a here! this very moment...Mike is out driving...yes...that's what I one's driving him anywhere...he's driving himself! We finally were approved through Vocational Rehab to have hand controls put on our car so that Mike can today was the big day! We packed two kids...four water bottles...the double stroller...diaper bag and wheelchair all into our dependable little Corolla and I drove us all up to North Sandy...Mobility get the car adapted! Three and a half hours later...we were on our way home...Mike was driving this time! I asked..."do you feel MANLEY!!!"...he just laughed at me! But I'm guessing so! This is HUGE! I think it's going to be a bit of a weaning process for me though...I'm really going to miss being with him! We have been together nearly every hour of the day since his accident...besides and occasional trip here and there! He's just gonna have to give me a lot of details whenever he returns home..."what'd ya do...who'd ya see...I missed that???" That's basically what it'll sound like! But I'm sure excited for him...we all are! Congratulations Mike!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Sariah...

Isn't she beautiful!

Arms bundled...there Sariah was...even at three years seventeen. My sister Sariah is one amazing person! From the day she was born ...she has broken the mold in our family! Such maturity and independents from such a young age...I remember her giving me valuable advice even at the stark age of five years old! But I was saying...from age three and for many many years...if ever I would get sick...even it was the slightest discomfort...there Sariah was...right by my side...arms bundled with blankets, pillows, snacks, movies...and even one of her stuffed animals from her treasured collection in her bedroom. She just pampered me! I've always felt pampered by Sariah...she now has gone on to make pampering her future cosmetology...and we've all been pampered with her new skills! I had the privilege to be one of her first haircuts...and pedicures! She's a natural! But we already knew that!

Right after Mike had his had been a few nights since Mike had been in the hospital...and I was kind of having a hard time! That night I was staying at my family's walked Sariah...arms bundled with things to pamper me! Pajamas...perfume....smiles...and hugs!

I don't know how to explain it...except...she is one amazing person...and meant to do big things in this world! Happy Seventeenth Birthday Sariah...Love you!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Miracles Happen...

These past several days have been a little harder than I would have liked...emotionally! There hasn't been anything in particular that was causing me to stress and break down...just life in general. But it's funny how it's those days and moments that can't help but drop you straight to your knees....praying with all your heart for something to give. I think it's Heavenly Fathers way of reminding us we cannot do this alone. And with Him...miracles happen...

The next morning...after a few of those break downs and gut wrenching prayers...a miracle happened...Mike moved his left leg.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yeah...can you believe how quickly Mike is jumping back into sports...just kidding...but soon!
So life is starting to really pick up here in the Kemp family! Last week we met with Mike's new doctor...Doctor Rosenblooth! He's amazing...and a lot younger than I would have expected! The appointment was all the way up at the U of U...and we almost didn't go...but he had been so strongly recommended by several people that we thought we ought to check him out...we were definitely not disappointed! He explained things that we never understood about SCI which really opened our eyes...he also told us about a program called TRAILS(Therapeutic Recreation & Independent Lifestyles) This program is awesome! They do hand cycling, snowmobiling tennis, camping, skiing, kayaking, fishing and a whole lot more! All for people with Spinal Chord injuries and their families. They have a camp out at the end of August. There they will have Wheelchair accessible accessible sports equipment to RV that's fully adapted...Fishing...tram rides...a water tunnel tour...and it's all free...we're really excited to attend! Doctor Rosenblooth is heavily involved with the program and has done a lot for the SCI community!It's so nice to see all the options opened to really does bring meaning to the phrase "when one door closes a window opens" or something like that...We are both way excited!

So a few of these look a little crazy...but it's still cool to know the options are out there!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Little Stinker...Ya Gotta Love'm

So I've been told time and time again the "terrible two's" are nothing compared to the "big three!" I used to just shrug it off ..But lately I'm beginning to think they weren't too far off. Brody will be turning three in September... and in just a few short weeks a streak of defiance has begun shining through his sly little smile!
Water is something Brody LOVES to play in...sink...pool...or hose. For watering her plants, Grandma has the coolest sprayer that is attached to the family hose. Day after day Brody has tried to figure out the knobs that make the sprayer turn on. One day he finally won the struggle and before we knew it water was spraying most everyone during a family dinner! Mike...who was a few feet away from those being soaked...assertively requested him to turn it off...without the slightest hesitation Brody defiantly directed the water right at Mike and began repeating the soaking process...What a stinker...Without question Brody received a blunt swat on his little bottom followed by a teary timeout! But apparently that wasn't enough...He pulled the same stunt...only with my aerosol hairspray...ugggh! But...even with all his stubborn stunts...we still can't help but love that defiant little boy to pieces!
The only thing I keep hoping...this means he's not going to give up too easily in life...and just because someone tells him he can't do something...doesn't mean it can't be done!