Thursday, June 26, 2008


For most of Brody's life he has been quite laid back, he definitely has his fits like every two year old, but for the most part pretty easy going...

Recently...he has decided to throw a few defiant curve balls our way! The other day I was trying to teach him the importance of taking care of his things. He had left his helmet and ball in our bedroom and so I asked him to put it away in his room. As if I hadn't even said a word...he continued about his business completely ignoring me...he was even humming! him the benefit of the doubt...kindely...I asked him one more time, "Brody, will you go put your helmet and ball back into your room please?" Again...he did nothing! "BRODY" I said with my voice slightly raised..."You need to go put your toys away!" He turned around pointing his finger at me and a slight smirk on his face he said "you need to go put yowr koys away!" It completely threw me off guard! So I went straight to the counting "On the count of three you get a spanking" I said "On da tount of fwee you det spant'n" he said...his brow now furrowed. By this time...Mike and I were trying so hard not to laugh...course since Brody was turned away from Mike...he could laugh. So I started to count "ONE...TWO..." and before I could get to three...Brody finished counting for me "FWEE" he said and ran straight at me swatting at my bottom! I turned every which and way to dodge him...but he was determined...giggling the entire time! What a silly little boy! Needless to say...we decided we'd change our tactic for that situation and eventually he took his helmet back to his room. He hasn't done that again...but I am slightly nervous for when he turns into a teenager and that defiance gets a little stronger! But for now we can laugh a little while!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Well, its official, Mlke is shelless!!! We couldn't believe it...we went in there to the doctor's office and began descussing various things regarding Mike's back! He looked at his ex-rays with us...which he said things were healing really great! He also was extremely impressed at "whoever" put the titanium cage in...he said they did a really good job! Yeah..he put the cage in...but we laughed! Then Mike was explaining about some stuff on his back that he was concerened about...the doctor looked at Mike and said..."well, let's see!" Mike said..."well we have to take my shell off in order for you to see"...and he pointed to the examining table and said "here I'll lay down so we can take the shell off" (we have been extrememly careful up until this point in having Mike lay down everytime he had the shell off...we made sure he wasn't sitting up more then 30 degrees...and even counting outloud together when I helped roll him so his entire body, knees and chest, would all roll at the same time so as not to twist something wrong). The doctor said..."no, just take it off." "Sitting Up?" we said in almost disbelief. "Sure" said the doctor. right there in the office...while Mike was sitting up we unstrapped that was crazy! "You might fall over" said the doctor...and so Mike braced himself as we took it off. He definately felt incredibly weak. There are muscles in there that he has hardly been able to use, if at all for over three months. So it's going to be quite a process build them back up. I can really tell his chest and actually everywhere on his upper body has gotten alot stronger...gosh, he's so manly! But we thought we were done with that thing once and for all...but actually it's kind of a "weaning" process. The doctor said he'd want the shell back on before we got home...because his trunk would be so tired and sore. And today...he is incredibly tired and sore...just from sitting up without it...but not enough to put the shell back on! I think the first thing Mike comented on doing after the shell came off was "I get to shower without this thing, YES!" Mike's been a little nervous with it off...and hasn't wanted to do anything real big yet...but the doctor said he can twist and bend now...just not real fast and hard...he can't be on his belly'll take a few months still before that happens! But he can start rehab! YES! We're still waiting on our insurance for the go ahead...but he's one HUGE step closer!

Thank you everyone who has been cheering and praying for us! This was such an exciting step! Now on to the next...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So "Sweet"...

This is something Mike likes to do so he can relieve his back...yes... the only thing keeping him from toppeling over are those little handles on the back of his chair digging into the mattress...he's so crazy!

It's amazing how your perspective changes when things become quite bigger then you realize. Right after Mike's accident it seemed at first like things were so cut and dry...and the reality of all the bitterness was in our faces. But I remember a doctor from Michaels rehab telling me..."you'll be surprised at how sweeter the little things will become when you taste bitter." At the time...I listened and put it in the back of my head...but we are realizing a little better how "sweet" the little things are getting to be! For instance...when Mike was first home...we had to roll him in bed to prevent bed sores every two hours during the night! This was awful...but after a month of doing it...and sleeping through the alarm for an hour longer here and there we realized his skin is stronger and he only needed to be rotated a couple of times during the night...this was so awesome...something we took for granted before, is now so "sweet."

So tomorrow we meet with the Neurologist to find out if he can take his "turtle shell" off. It looks pretty promising...we're really excited...this means so much to Mike.. It means he'll be able to do so much more for himself...and by himself! Everything should be easier(once his muscles build up to it) getting dressed, showering, eating, car transfers, going up ramps without tipping over, rolling in bed by himself & bending further for reaching items. He's also excited to be able to snuggle Jocelyn and Brody without banging their heads on his shell...ok and snuggeling me too! And then, of course, it also means he can start rehab at Neuroworx! I remember when the doctor told us he'd have to have it on for at least three months and how long that seemed...and I am here to tell you three and a half months has been long...but I can't believe the day is finally here. There is still a chance that he has to keep it on a little longer...but hopefully we can BURN that stinky thing! Anyway....just another thing that will be so "sweet!"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A new way of doing movies... I am surprised I haven't gone bawled pulling my hair out while trying to add movies to this blog...there are always technical difficulties....I have been so frustrated that I just about stopped blogging all together! But I am here to tell you that I figured out a new way of posting Mike's videos...using You Tube! So, until I figure out how to post the movies on our actual postings...I have posted it at the bottom of this page!

This is a movie of Mike when he transferred into our vehicle with his wheelchair and back out all by himself for the first time! I know it's going to get faster...but he did really good for his first time! When I showed the movie to Mike...he said "Did you pick that song because it took me all day?" We both laughed!

Love ya Mike!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Brody, Jocelyn, and I just wanted to wish some of our greatest heros a happy Father's Day!
Mike snuggle's Jocelyn on one of her first nights home!

Grandpa Kemp and Brody!

Grandpa Bratt and Jocelyn!

We wuv you!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Another Step Towards Independance...

Mike...looking through a spotting scope at Mount Timpanogas...he was looking for deer...he actually found one! Later he let Brody look through...Brody said..."I see a cow!" We couldn't see it...but we'll just say Brody's been blessed with the "eagle eye!"

These past few months we've been in a little bit of limbo...and we still have a few weeks left of "limbo" to go. We're still waiting for his brace to come off so he can get going on some serious rehab...and ultimately he can regain he independance back! In the meantime we've been able to see great progress! He's regained a muscle in his upper right first we had to put our hand on the muscle in order to feel it...but now you can see it working so well...he can sometimes get his entire leg to bounce just by using that one muscle! That's a huge improvement! his recovery from surgery...he's doing better every day. He's able to stay up longer and longer and he's learning different ways to help with the kids...and boy does he help. He's been able to take Brody to the bathroom (we're still kinda potty training)...he is always willing to hold Jocelyn when I need to dash for anything! He can actually catch Brody faster now...and keeps him safer.... Brody sits on his he doesn't run off whenever we go places. And when Brody needs some play time...often he has him jump in bed and they make a tent under the covers! Brody calls it his "tunnel!" And those are just a few examples...Not only does he do so much for the kids...but he still thinks of ways to make me happy...a hand when my back is ear when my mind is aching...and (as cheesy as it may sound...) a shoulder when my heart is aching! Being a good father and husband has always been something that has been important to him...and not once has he let that slip...I love you Mike!


The other day...Mike did something really cool! He was able to transfer into the driver seat of not only our car but our Durango! From there he disassembled his wheelchair...pulled it into the vehicle....then pulled it back out...assemble it again...and transferred back into the chair! This was a huge feat! We didn't know if this would be possible for took a fair bit of muscle and time...but that's to be expected for his first time! But the coolest part was he did everything on his own...which he really liked...another step towards independence!