Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jocelyn...1 Year Old!!!

So today marks the one year anniversary of our seriously precious daughter Jocelyn Kemp...As I sit here trying to think of a way I can best express the joy she has brought to our lives this past year...I'm just filled with happiness and tingles. It's true what they say...great things come in small packages!

A Few of our favorite things about Jocelyn...her smile...giggles...cheeks (on both ends)...big blue eyes...the little curl right at the top of her head...her cuddles...and so many things...

Things she can do as a one year old:

She can point to my eyes and my nose when we ask here where it is...

She LOVES babies...George (Curious George Stuffed Animal)...and growls at dinosaurs
(She'll cuddle and pat anything that resembles a doll including Brody's Spider man)!

Favorite food...Green Beans!

She started crawling at 11 months and 3 weeks...

First word was at 9 months "hi" Over and over again!

Now knows how to say...
Bye bye

From Rusty Bucket Photography

First Heart's Touched...Daddy's...Momma's...and Brody's!

We love you Jocelyn...Happy Birthday!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Meet The Bratt Family Kiddies...

Here are just a few of Brody and Jocelyn's best friends!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Beautiful, Wonderful, Timeless Mother...

(I love this picture...they look like a couple of movie stars! This picture was taken by Alaina...a fantastic photographer)

So I just have to brag a my mom is the big five zero! Yes, 50 years! And I believe everyone would agree...she doesn't look anywhere near her age! Most times when I am introducing her to someone...they are shocked...and their comment usually sounds like "WHAT??? Were you 13 when you had her?!!!" ...then I laugh and say..."She has three kids older then me!" And then she just blushes and smiles it their just being nice...but it's true...she is still sooo young and beautiful! But I must also beautiful and timeless as she is on the outside...she is also on the inside! My mom is seriously wonder woman! She is amazing...she is a fantastic could talk to her about anything! She's an incredible cook...can make anything out of anything...she also makes the most beautiful jewelry...and soooo much fun to watch chick flicks with! One of my favorite memories with my mother while growing up...were the mother daughter outings we would all have together when the boys would go camping. I remember just salivating as we'd plan our nights...typically they consisted of great food...a great chick flick and lots of laughing! I was saying...I just wanted to brag a little about my beautiful, wonderful, timeless Mom...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Use a Shovel...

Yes...why use a shovel...when you can snowplow you're drive?! As many are quite aware...we have received more snow then usual these past several weeks...making it dang near impossible to get around...especially for Mike! It's just something we didn't think about until the snow hit. He has been left stranded on a number of occasions. The most recent...on the corner while heading to church. I was going to drive Jocelyn while Mike and Brody headed over early by way of strolling! We were just pulling into the parking lot when I looked to my left and saw Mike sitting on the corner between the sidewalk, the curb, and the church parking lot...surrounded by ice and snow! A few kind gentlemen helped push him through and he was back on his way...Mike...slightly embarrassed...just smiled. After church was through the sweet young men of our ward and their leaders were out chipping away all the snow and that could get through on his own this time! Gosh that was nice of them! It reminded me incredibly kind people can be!

Anyway...I got off on a tangent...these are a few pictures of my guys taking care of the snow their way! It's pretty cool to see Mike get on the four wheeler...he and Brody can get on completely by themselves! After I watched him make his transfer from his chair to the wheeler...I said, "you know what this means right...I've got to pull out the video camera!" He just rolled his eyes and said..."I know..." I think sometimes I make him feel like a fish in a fish bowl...but it's just because I'm really proud of him...and a bit camera happy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Day for New Years!

New Years Eve and Day was spent with family! The night before we stayed up all night at my folk's the time we were done playing the game Clue for the fourth or fifth time we were a few hours into the new year and realized it'd be much better to sleep over! We had such a great time...the next day Grandpa pulled out his "toys!" Brody had a complete is he spoiled!

Uncle Jeff and Brody trying to hold on as they were pulled behind Grandpa's four wheeler on the sled!

Grandpa trying to throw a snowball at me...while balancing on the pulled sled! Unfortunately...success was on his side!

Jeff had a bit of success as well...apparently I'm not so good at dodging!

Family friends Tracer, Kenton and Steve, enjoying the afternoon with us as well!

Short hot cocoa break....

And on to the next adventure with Grandpa...driving the "bulldadozer!"

Um.....yes...this is why not to let a three year old drive...just kidding...kind of a cool trick by Grandpa!

Some great memories were made that day...I am so grateful for Brody and Jocelyn's Grandparents who aren't afraid to really get down and dirty! Both Mike's and my parents have a fantastic relationship with our kids because of that...we love you Grandma and Grandpa!