Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Brody...

Dad and Brody...1 week old!

As of has been three years since our little man...Brody came crashing into our family! And we couldn't ask for a stronger...happier...funnier...more laughable...lovable...goofy...boy! He has brought more happiness into our family than we could have ever imagined! Love you Brody!

Here are a few of our favorite pics...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Needs a Mechanic...When You've Got Mike!!!

The other night Mike decided we needed to check the break pads on our dependable always...he thinks of a way he can do it himself...and he did...he's so crazy...but kind of amazing...what a hunk! Too bad he has to put up with me...his camera happy wife...he hates it when I take his picture...but what can I say I'm proud of'em and....I love'em!
All that you see in the picture...disassembled..."Mr. Incredible" did himself!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Aspiring Photographer....

So we have a young aspiring photographer living in our very midst...dun da da dah (trumpet) ... Brody! Now is one of his most favorite activities...I have about 400 and some odd pictures of random things to prove it...thank goodness for digital...but he's getting's a few of my favorites...

*I want to see me.... Can you see me...

Ohhhp...there ya go! *I can see you!

Blahhhhhhh..... *No more pictures!!!

Who needs blow dryers? Cheese!

*favorite toy...from "Great Aunty Liz"!

These...well...need I say more...beautiful!

We'll be starting a photography business within the year...and it shall be named "Brody's Best Random Photography" stay tuned! If you'd like young Brody to take random photos of your family or your family toys you can contact us at 1-800-ABC-BRODY

*Warning...there have been cases where flashes are...may we say...blinding due to close proximity's of the camera...literally centimeters from your face!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Superstar..."that's my Dad!"

I don't know if ya'll knew...but my dad is kind of a Superstar....yep...that's what I said...a super star!

A little while ago we were getting back into our car from church. We still hadn't gotten Mike's hanging placard for handicapped parking yet...but we usually parked near a handicapped parking spot so Mike could wheel up the sidewalk using the spot where the curbing dips down. Well...I had just buckled Jocelyn in...and was about to throw Brody into his seat...Mike had forgotten something so he went back into the church a few minutes earlier. Just then Brody yelled "there's Daddy!" I made it back quick! I looked around...but couldn't see him anywhere. "Where's Daddy?" I said very confused! "There!" he said...pointing to a particular spot in the parking lot. I looked to where he was pointing and realized he'd been looking at a blue handicap picture posted above a parking stall (didn't see that one coming)! He was so proud of himself for spotting it! Mike got a pretty good chuckle when we told him we saw his picture! According to Brody...there are pictures of Daddy all over the place...on stickers...bill boards...government signs and parking spots! There's not a lot of people who get to be in all those pictures! Yep...a Superstar!
Funny note...a little over a year ago...Brody was learning that everyone has a for a him...every man's name was "daddy!" If Brody and I would be going into a store...really anywhere...and he'd see a man walking by...he'd say..."Hi Daddy!" Red faced and embarrassed I would quickly jump in "No no....that's NOT your Daddy!" Soon I realized...Brody knew they weren't his dad...but they were some body's dad...therefore their names were "Daddy!" Thankfully, after a few weeks he grew out of it...or so we thought...recently we've had to go through it all over again! Not as much anymore...but for a while...whenever Brody would see another man in a wheelchair...Brody would yell, "That's my dad!" He hadn't really seen another person in a wheelchair before...I think he thought his dad was the only one who had a sweet set of wheels wherever he went! Imagine how confused Brody was when we went into Mike's Physical Therapy and was surrounded by people in wheelchairs! He now looks a little closer at people's faces before proclaiming they're his dad!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Tonight while driving home I heard this song..."In My Daughter's Eyes." It says what I want to's amazing!
My heart is so full right now. I really can't explain it...except that I have such a deep love for our baby girl Jocelyn. The name Jocelyn means Joyous...and that is exactly what she has brought into our lives...JOY! Smiles and coos...squeezes and snugs...I can't think of a way she could be more perfect. The time that she came into this world couldn't have been more crazy! I had been dealing with such a torn feeling as to weather I should induce her a week early or not. So many people recommend not inducing...but for some reason I felt such a strong feeling to have her early. Once we made the decision to be induced a sudden peace came rushing in...little did we meant we'd have another week with her and our family together before our next adventure! She was born during the worst storm of the year...causing the largest accident on the freeway I'd ever seen (12 semi trucks and 20 cars were involved)! The day before she was born our beloved prophet President Gordon B. Hinkley passed away. 4 1/2 weeks later...Mike had his accident. It was a crazy time...

The first few days after Mike's accident I had the hardest time feeling the spirit...or any kind of peace. I didn't understand why...I prayed and prayed...but I couldn't keep a peace with me. The Sunday after Mike's accident I woke up...from sleeping at my parent's place...Jocelyn had slept next to I looked down at her...I thought of what her life will be heart ached for her...we were supposed to be celebrating her birth...instead she was being shuffled from house to house...barely seeing her family. Suddenly the song..."I am a Child of God" came into my mind...I couldn't help but sing it to her. Without even a moments hesitation an incredible peace came rushing over me...and that was when I matter what...we were going to be just fine...
Jocelyn is our Joy...she holds a piece of each of our hearts so tenderly in her hands (Brody, myself and her daddy's)...I don't know where we'd be without her...We love you Jocelyn!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

500 Miles...

Don't ever swallow your bubble gum!

I think Mike has been doing physical therapy at Neuroworx now for over 2 months. When we sit back and think about the progress that has been made in those two months we are just amazed!

He is still going three times a week...and I go one of those three times each week! I love seeing his progress...every time he has improved on something. A trainer commented the last time we were there that he was enjoyable two work with (not only because of his winning personality)because he pushes himself. The environment is awesome! Everyone is there pushing for improvement...and nobody dwells on the negatives...Mike included! I'm so glad I can still go once a week...thanks to mine and Mike's wonderful mothers who babysit Brody (he's gone a few times..but he has more fun at grandma's house)! Jocelyn comes with...because she hardly makes a peep when there...and everyone would have a conniption if I showed up without her. She is quite loved by all...they'd know Jocelyn's name before my own! Yeah she's a surprise...she takes after her brother and Daddy!

You may want to pause the blog music...otherwise you'll be quite frustrated hearing a combination of con jumbled music! In this movie he is working his legs...he's the one lifting them...with his muscles...not the trainers...they're just stabilizing his legs...that's great progress...I hope that made sense!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Drill Sargent...

You know when you're trying your dangdest to get your kids to sleep...and they are wired like fireworks on the fourth of July? Well that was tonight...Brody had an extra special kick to his fireworks...

Bouncing off the walls crazy, Brody was extra hyper! Every little thing in his bedtime preparation was like a bear wrestling match ...litterally...he was roaring at me! Finally, it came time for him to lay down and calm down. This seemed to be an impossible request...he could not stop jabbering...about his toys. After several minutes of trying to get him to stop talking and close his eyes..."Brody" I said, quite sternly..."IT IS TIME TO GO TO SLEEP...NO MORE TALKING?" Holding his hand up to his forehead, he looked at me with a little grin on his face and mumbled something in his two year old voice. (I couldn't believe he had the nerve to say something after I had told him to stop talking)! "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" I was very frustrated. He put his hand to his forehead...giggling...he said it again...but I still couldn't understand him ..."WHAT BRODY!" I was now very perturbed. He threw his hand up to his forehead with much more clarity in his voice and said "YES CAPTAIN!" Whoops...I couldn't help but burst into laughter...which got him laughing and we had to start the whole evening over again...but It was so worth it! He couldn't stop saying "Yes Captain" for the rest of the night! He must have learned from a game we'd played weeks prior...I didn't think he'd caught anything in that game...but apparently not so! To his credit...he eventually stopped talking and fell fast asleep. I sure love that kid...even if he does make me feel like a Drill Sargent!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Rough Crawl...

On the 5th of September it will have been 6 months since Mike's accident...and well...he hasn't been able to roll to his belly...Doctor's Orders! On Friday that changed. He had the restrictions lifted! Whoa...this was awesome! He called me on his way home from physical therapy to tell me! There they had him get on his belly for the first time...with the help of his trainers they put him up on his hands and knees...helping him do a rough crawl...whoa...crawl! I just can't believe this is all happening...everyday is a miracle! He said..."Who's going to crawl Jocelyn?"

Saturday, August 30, 2008 Mike played on the floor with the kids...on his belly...first time! the beginning...we didn't know was possible.