Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Miss You...'s been 5 days since Emery and the kids moved away...and can I just say...WE MISS YOU!!! I'm not sure if anyone remembers Mike's brother's family...and how their home burned down back in November. But they've been waiting on insurance to come through since then...staying in a hotel in Provo. CRAZY...can you imagine 3 little boys 4 years and under in a little hotel room? But they have handled all of this like a grain of salt! Don't get me wrong it's been hard for them...but they have kept optimistic attitudes...great examples to me and my family as to live life happily...and make the most of things. I'm really going to miss having Emery around...I have been used to seeing her and the kids practically every day! She is someone that is so easy to talk, laugh and cry with! She has helped me make sense of so many things in my life...and the best shopping buddy ever! And now they have moved to Wyoming...where Greg's job be closer...they'll stay in a home out there and still wait for insurance to come through...if you ask's taken a lot longer then needed for this insurance company to get their act together...but that's just me. We wish you guys the best...and can't wait to come visit!

PS...this songs for you Em...just for laughs (the "life would suck without you" part)!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Hiding Places...or Something...And Spring Pictures

From The M&M Kemp Family
Apparently we need to find a new bed for Jocelyn...has anyone started putting their kids in big kid beds at 15 months? Probably too crazy and early right? And we have a new pet...his Brody!

From The M&M Kemp Family

From The M&M Kemp Family
Jocelyn is 15 months now...and could walk if she wanted...but apparently wants to be like her mom and wait until 16 months...go Jocelyn!

From The M&M Kemp Family

Brody burped today and said..."what was that?!" I said "what?" He burped again...and said "THAT!" I said..."oh you burped!" He laughed and said "Oh...a burp...that's funny!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Best Anniversary Yet!

From The M&M Kemp Family

So in the last 4 years...Mike and I have not gone on one over nighter without the kids...not one. Last weekend that was all changed! For our five year anniversary Mike took me to the Zermatt Resort in Midway! And it was so much more then I ever could basically call it a second honeymoon...and our first was pretty amazing! We were given a gift certificate for two nights...breakfasts...dinners...and a couples massage...can it get any better! It was amazing! We both couldn't stop saying how awesome it was! We've always enjoyed being with each other...but I think we both forgot just how much! I can't stop smiling just thinking about it! So...thank you Mike...Love you! And thank you to you who gave us the gift know who you are! It was truly PRICELESS!!!

And Mom and Dad this gettaway would have never happened without you...thank you for not only watching the kids...but spoiling them!

From The M&M Kemp Family

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CAF Grant

I don't know if anyone remembers the letter of recommendation I sent in last October for Mike to be chosen for a grant where he'd be able to get a hand cycle...but if you'll know why we're so excited...

OK everyone...drum roll please...."budum budum budum chow"...that was the drum roll!

Mike was chosen for the CAF (challenged athletes Foundation) grant! He's getting a hand cycle! And a really nice one at that! Now we just have to decide on the color hmm....I love decisions like that! I don't know who's more excited...Mike or me...OK...Mike, but I'm a close second...then Brody! Bike trips here we come!

I'm so grateful for people who put together programs like CAF so families like us can benefit! Thank you CAF!