Monday, April 28, 2008

Post From Michelle's Mom "Fun Fun Fundaiser"

Here's a shout out for all of you who may be interested to know, WE'RE HAVING AN AUCTION FUNDRAISER FOR MIKE AND MICHELLE! If you click on the Flyer below it will give you all of the specifics but here are some of the main details we want you to know. It will be on May 2, 2008 starting at 7 p.m. with a preview of all the items at 6 p.m. There will be a bake sale, silent auction and a live auction with a professional auctioneer. A four wheeler will be raffled off and maybe we'll even get Michelle to sing!! (That may be wishful thinking on my part.) A complete list of items will be coming in a day or so...more great donations keep coming in! Come on out and join us for a lot of fun...and some pretty amazing items for sale! Thanks to all of you for your love and support for these wonderful kids!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Family Fun!

Ok, here's just a quick video of some fun family times..I decided that making videos is kinda my therapy...I know...a little obsessive...but I sure enjoy it!

Tomorrow we're going up to look at some out patient rehab facilities...we're anxious to get going on the next step...hopefully sooner then later!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Like I was telling my sister-in-law know you have a lot of kids in the house when you look at your hand sanitizer and find a cheerio at the bottom of the bottle! And that's how it has been here at the Dale and Elaine Kemp Household of five adults and five kids (all kids being 3 and under)! There's never been a dull moment! We are almost outnumbered...but having a blast! Dale and Elaine are being total troopers! They were "Empty Nester's" just for a few months before they were hit with a hurricane of "fun!"

After Mike's accident...we realized that we couldn't live in our home...Mike can't get around independently because it is a two story in short of me becoming "wonder woman" and flying him upstairs...or him becoming "he-man" and muscling himself up the stairs...we have temporarily moved in with his parents! They have been so welcoming...not to mention a TON of has his sister Kassie...who is staying here until her husband returns from Germany this summer (by the way...she is one awesome mom)!

Jocelyn has her own fan club...all three of the toddlers (Brody, Allison, and Megan) huddle around her like she's a star! We try not to let it go to her head! :)


So Sunday After Jocelyn's blessing Mike was lying in bed...staring at his legs wondering what he could do! So he started focusing on moving his leg...he could have sworn he felt some he called me in! I put my hand just above his knee...a small wave of muscle fluttered my fingers! My jaw dropped! " just flexed your muscle!"..."That's what I thought!" he said ...and since then he has been flexing that muscle everyday...working on building it...and just enjoying that it's there! This has been the biggest recovery we have seen yet! It's's so evident...that as you watch his can see the muscle contract! We were so excited...I couldn't help but cry a little...just a little!

I didn't even know that he could do this...but apparently with the help of a HKAFO (Hip knee ankle foot orthodic) Mike can sort of take steps using the walker! He uses his hip flexers to swing one leg in front of him at a's really slow going...but it's a way to work on bone density, blood pressure...and see if we can't get more muscles to "wake up" was really cool seeing him upright! Gosh he's handsome!

Ok...Mike...I get it...YOU ROCK!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Angels Among Us...cont.

Never in our wildest dreams did we expect anything like this...we can't help but feel that we're going to be ok...our family is going to be taken care of...Thank you!

Pictures taken by Kassie Kemp Cobabe

Pictures taken by Elaine Kemp

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Angels Among Us...

We do not have words to express what we whitnessed on Saturday...When we saw everyone who had come...for was truly was like we were surounded by guardian angels...all we can say is ...Thank you!

Video taken by Debie Bratt

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Way to Help

So many have inquired how they can help. And when has been hard to say we need it...but there is actually a way that you could help. Tomorrow our family and friends are holding a Yardsale/Bake Sale/Carwash for us in Pleasant Grove! They have been collecting items from so many incredibly caring people and all the proceeds will go to us...which is amazing! This really is a way you would be helping if you'd like...we would love it!

Saturday, April 12, 2008
Ace Allred's Hardware in Pleasant Grove
8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Thank you so much!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

An Answered Prayer...Cont. Coming Home

Picture taken by Jodi Lybbert

One night when returning from our house to the rehab center I was trying to hurry so that I could get to Mike before it was too late in the evening. As I arrived with several bags and our little baby, I noticed a security guard who was just barely locking the doors to the center. I quickly jumped out of my car to stop him and told him that I needed to get in...that I was staying with my husband and I had my baby with me. He said "sorry, it's after nine and so you'll have to check in with security...on the other side of the hospital." And that was that...there was no changing his mind! A little disgruntled, I drove to the other side of the hospital and ran into security...they then told me I needed to park even further away and walk through the halls (quite the distance) to the center. At this point tears were at the rim of my eyes begging to pour out! So I parked even further away, wrapped four bags over my shoulders, picked up the baby in her car seat and began the long walk to the rehab center. By the time I arrived to Michael's room, my face was smeared with mascara and tears...and I was fuming at the guard who, just steps from my destination, wouldn't let me in! Looking at the clock it was after ten, Mike was asleep, I was exhausted and overwhelmed! I thought to myself..."If I can't even handle a night like will I ever be able to handle anything...I can't do this!" In real frustration and dis spare, I did the only thing I could think of...pray. Just then I remembered a letter that was posted on my door that night. I had grabbed it planning to read the letter at some point that day. As soon as I read the first words, I was flooded with peace and comfort. The letter was filled with encouragement and inspiration...telling me I could "handle" this...and that there were so many people praying for us! It was then that I was reminded of the love of my Heavenly Father and his confidence in me! ...Even though, at times, it is almost impossible to see it, I know without a doubt our prayers are heard and answered! It has been through so many loving people that I have really seen the evidence of that! Thank you!

Ok...I'm way too obsessed with making movies of my really makes me happy...besides...he's too much fun to film! Here's the movie that should have been attached to the last post! You're just too dang cute honey!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Wow, I can't believe how much has happened in the past week...really...a ton! Mike and I found out that he could come home on Thursday instead of Friday! So of course we were excited...but both, in the back of our minds, we were incredibly nervous! We found out that we had reason to be's a heck of a lot of work. I am that we don't have their much the nurses did for Mike! But we have grown closer through these past days then throughout this entire experience! It has been hard to see him struggle to learn a new way of living...we have to lean on each other so much. But boy, am I proud of him! He is so strong and so brave! I'm not at my own I can't show any video...but here's some pictures of the last week! Mike...I sure love ya!

We went to a movie for "public integration!" Mike's Occupational Therapist took us to Winsong (which Mike gets in free from now on...Saweet!) The idea, was to show him that we can still do fun still goes on! We had a great time...some serious spills with the popcorn happened...but that just made for some great laughs...and a great date! Isn't he cute!

On Saturday Mike was able to go to Priesthood Conference with all of his brothers, father and grandfather! I don't know about you...but I think Mike is loved!

Mike and I are in awe at the love we have been shown by soooo many! We just can't believe how many people are helping and doing so much for us! We sit here wishing we could do something to show how grateful we are...but don't know how. So all we can say at this point is THANK YOU! And know that someday, when we get back on our feet, we will do all that we can to "pay it forward!" With all the gratitude in our hearts...Love, Michael, Michelle, Brody and Jocelyn

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Guardian Angel...Standing Outside the Fire

Guardian Angel!

There have been many nights when I've just needed a little snuggle...hug...or smile and a guardian angel...has been there for all! she was the right baby to come at this time! the day she was born she cried one little cry and that was it...the nurses tried to get her to cry more just because they didn't think it was normal...but once was all they could get! And that's how she has been ever since. The first few weeks of her life I was paranoid she would get sick and so I kept her inside up until this crazy adventure! After Mike's accident she was basically thrown into the world! From five weeks old and on she has been stores, church, ICU waiting rooms, the doctors, and many many other places! But thanks to protective and loving grandparents, friends, family, and the many miracles of prayer she has remained healthy and happy (besides a slight cold in her eyes)!

Wow, what a weekend! We learned a lot...for example...we need wake up earlier if we want to get to church on time...we woke up at 7:30 am and it still took us four hours to get ready (that wasn't including the kids)! But it was great being able to go to church together...holding hands and was great! We also all were able to sleep under one roof for the very first time, Mike, me, Brody and Jocelyn! It's great getting little glimpses of family life and what it will be like after Mike gets home! Mike's parents were awesome in having everything ready for the weekend including a ramp for Mike!

Well, I was able to stay home with the kids tonight (it's amazing how great it is to be a mom and just do mom things sometimes with your kids). I couldn't sleep after I put them to bed so I put together a little movie of this last week...there is one part in the film where it looks like Mike's pushing a workout machine with his leg muscles...well...he kinda is! The trainer is helping as we found out that he was contracting his upper quad muscles...yeah...I don't know about you...but I think that's a good thing! Mike... you're kind of a sexy dude! Love you!