Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Fun...

He just loves the sun...a little leery of the water...but loves the sun...

Life in our family is getting to a new normal! We are still going crazy trying to figure out all the ins and outs of security...and more...but it's amazing how there is still time to sit back and enjoy a little bit of life! This morning Brody got to play with his Kemp cousins...we had 8 kids at the house that were all 3 years and under! Brody loved every minute of it...and so did's amazing what you can do with a hose...kiddie pool and a bunch giggly toddlers!

Try'n Out the Old Chair...

This is Mike's Grandpa Kemp...he picked it up really quick...He didn't pull any wheelies...but he's a pro! Love you Grandpa!
There's something about wheelchairs that's just just can't pass it up! I've been trying to figure it out for months now...and it's still a puzzle to me! I think it's the untouchable challenge that just kinda hangs in front of you..."I wonder if I could do that..." at least that's what I think! It has been real funny to see the different "takers" of this challenge...of the ultimate...wheelies! When you take this challenge of wheelies....that's when the spills happen...and boy have they happened! The first...if my memory serves me was my! His feet went straight in the air! Then there was our cute....outgoing...sister Kamie...Mike took the wheelie bars off and forgot to tell her about it...ooops...then me... I got a little comfortable...and well...lets just say I was sent sailing back into humility...then our hilarious cousin Clint...and his gorgeous wife Tina! The list is building Those are just the dumps (to every one's credit...the chair has a mind of it's own and decides to dump those who are just about to figure it's smart that way)! ....Mike had a little spill himself...his was in the name of sacrifice! He didn't' get enough umph while pushing up the ramp in the back down...he glanced back and realized he would run right over he quickly hit is breaks...which sent his feet up and over his head...and Mike right out of his chair! You can imagine...I was slightly alarmed upon finding him down on the concrete floor!He said... "I think that must have hurt my tailbone...I'm sure I landed on it" (one of our fears is Mike will break a bone...and he won't feel we won't know it) We checked everywhere...and he was just fine...thankfully...and so was Brody...thanks to his incredibly protective father, Mike! So yes...spills have happened in his chair...but every time has been so worth it and created quite the funny memory in our minds!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Jodi...

This is Jodi at the Yard Sale many...she worked so hard!
On the day of the yardsale...she got food poisening...and still came to support us...isn't she beautiful!

Growing up...I was a pretty big scardy cat...the littlest things would scare me...taking the garbage out at night...creekeys in the house...mean kids...or just nightmares...but I always had a constant that never failed to calm my sister...Jodi. I remember making mad dashes to her bed after a terrible nightmare...She'd let me snuggle in as she pulled the covers over our heads before beginning the most amazing fairy tales...and quickly all my fears would dissipate. That's something I've always loved about Jodi...she's always been there when I've come running. On the day of Mike's accident, she was in Vegas...I couldn't go running to this time she came running! She knew that I needed her...and how I needed to hear her tell me everything is ok... she hugged me and began telling me the most amazing things about how our lives are going to be great...and we're still going to live a fairy tale life!'re my tummy laugh'n, movie watchin, clothes shopp'n, tear jerk'n, munchies eat'n, momma rock'n, buddy blogg'n, phone talk'n, song sing'n, music dance'n, freak'n awesome sista!...happy birthday Jodi...I sure Love you...

love, MO

Sunday, May 18, 2008


So life here at the Kemp Home has been ... well see for yourself!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a Daredevil...

This was taken at the fundraiser right after Mike drew the raffle ticket for the rifle...something got them lagh'n!
Left to right: Sadie, Glenn, Kim, Mike, Jennifer and Peggy imagine this...your standing out on your lawn, minding your own business, when you see a man in a wheelchair, slightly out of control, flying down the street in front of you...a few seconds later you see another man chasing after him...

Mike's brother Richard invited him to come up to his house (about 2 miles from where we are staying). After spending an hour or two at Rich's...Mike got a "great" idea! He decided it would be fun to wheel from Rich's house back home...keep in mind Richard lives on the mountain benches of Pleasant Grove... anyone who has been to Richard's house knows the roads are almost need 4 wheel drive...but steep or not...Mike was off! Well...what started as a peaceful coast turned quickly into a mighty rush! Rich yelled "you ok?!" from a distance while watching...Mike hollered back with a bit of fright, "NO!" Immediately Rich was off after him!...Mike's hands were burning up trying to slow down...luckily Rich caught him and he was just fine...even though I had a slight rush of terror run through me the first time I heard! It created a pretty funny image in my head...but to Mike's credit he didn't give up...he made it all the way home...needless to say Richard stayed a little closer to Mike for the remainder of Mike's adventure! I was very impressed...but not surprised...I already knew Mike had a little streak of dare devilism in him...I love ya for it Mike!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Next Step...

Brody and his cousins devouring courtesy cones from Arctic Circle!

So these past few days have been crazy...we've been packing up our house! Our good friend Scott found us 80 boxes to put everything we've been going to town pack'n away! My mom and neighbor Kim have been real troopers...they've been helping me blitz it through each room...we've just about got every room packed in we just have to move everything...I hope we didn't pack the boxes to heavy! I didn't realize how hard it would be to leave our actual house. There are so many memories that we've already made just in four short years! This is the house where we brought both our babies home...the same home where Brody took his first steps...where we had our first Christmas as a married couple... planted our first trees...where Jocelyn first smiled...Brody made his first friends...where he learned how to make a snowman! I think the hardest part about losing our sweet neighbors...they've become kind of like a second family...especially during these hard times...So's tough leaving...but it's the next step...I've just got to remember to keep our eye on the goal...everyday is another step towards Independence as a family!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Well, this is a first for me. Don't forget that it is soon mothers day. So let it go on record that I have not forgotten to wish my beautiful wife "Happy Mothers Day"! She is incredible. I have much to be grateful for. ie Michelle, My Mother, and many others out there that have given of themselves to me and my family. Thank You all. Enjoy the Holiday!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Brother's Love...

Brody has been smothering Jocelyn with kisses ever since she was born! He has never shown jealousy towards her and he constantly is making sure he knows where she is and if she's ok..."is Joss'n ahkay?" he says! I've been thinking a lot lately about what their lives will be like as they grow....when they begin driving! Is Brody going to share that same love? I pray that he watches over her when we cannot...I pray that he sticks up for her...even when she's wrong...and when other kids are mean to her...he is not...and when she goes through anything hard...he is there to comfort her...and that he will protect her no matter what! I have some pretty amazing brothers...My brother Riley has been more of a brother then I could have ever asked for during all this. He is the kind of guy that would litterally give you the shirt off his back. And that's what he and his gorgeous wife Sadie have done for us...I pray that Brody grows up to be the kind of brother for Joeclyn that my brothers have been for me...Love you guys!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Nothing Short of a Miracle...

No words can truly express the feelings that are shared by Michael and I. We really had no idea so many people cared! When I think of miracles, I think of the scriptures, I think of Christ, and the days of old. And I've wondered what it would be like to see...last night...was nothing short of a miracle. Our best friend and neighbor, Kim Blackett and her mother Peggy and sister Jennifer, began planning last night's event just days after Michael's accident...we had no idea of the magnitude! Literally hundreds of people arrived showing their love and support! Their were so many incredibly generous people who donated items for the auction as well as those that came and bought. We were in total awe! There were friends and family who spent hours and hours setting up...typing...counting...decorating...aranging and planning...even some total strangers to Mike and I came to support! Seriously, there are countless stories of amazing people and the things that were done for us! I think that is the most mind boggling part about this whole thing...everything that has been done...has been for our little family! It is really hard to wrap my mind around! If only we knew of a way to say thank you...last night after came home and began to settle from the excitement I was overcome...the realization of everything hit so hard...the realization that we are going to be just fine...everything is going to be ok!

Thank you for nothing short of a miracle...


Michael, Michelle, Brody and Jocelyn

PS one more awesome 4 news came! They interviewed Mike and I and some family and friends. Gee, I think Mike was born for the camera he looked so good...we were sure nervous...but it was a pretty cool experience (you may have to mute the music on my blog to hear the clip).. here it is!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What do you Say?

Ok, so I've actually gone to post several times...but erased it every time! I've not known what to say! Our family has received so much love and support that we truly have been speechless! From the very beginning of this "adventure" people have been pouring out their love in so many incredible ways! Seriously, what do you say? I think people probably think I'm a little bit of a weirdo...every time anyone does anything nice for us, I clam up and begin stuttering. The only real words that continues to spill out of my mouth are "thank you, thank you, thank you!" We just had no idea we would have this kind of support! I remember the night of Michael's accident and the feelings of sheer terror! We didn't know how we were going to take care of our family through all of this! It's just something you don't think would happen to you...but almost instantly we were encircled by guardian angels! There's just no other way to put it...It's like a giant fist was swinging our way ready to crush...then suddenly hundreds came running with a gargantuan pillow to soften the blow! I have to think of things in metaphors or else I get really confused! So THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has thrown a "pillow" our way! We would have never made it this far without you!

Gosh, we love you! Thank you!


Michael, Michelle, Brody & Jocelyn Kemp

Michael Update:

Mike is doing more and more everyday! He's able to stay up for longer periods of time and transfer with more ease...he's meeting awesome people with similar injuries...his spirits are still incredibly high...and yes...his biceps are incredibly sexy...he's so strong! Our plans are to go to an out patient rehab center up in South Jordan called Neuroworx! It was started by Dale Hull who became a quadriplegic in 1999 from a trampoline accident. He had no mobility or feeling from his neck down. His first goal was to move his hand enough so that he could work an electric wheelchair with a joy stick rather then one with straw. After doing rehab full time for 2 1/2 years he helped carry the torch in the 2002 winter Olympics! So yes, he walks today! It was so neat to meet him! Their staff, equipment, and facility is really cool! If you're interested in seeing more, you can just click on this link: Anyway Mike and I were really impressed and are excited to get going! We're just waiting for the go ahead from the Neurologist. Mike is still wearing his TLSO (also known as a "turtle shell") that cannot come off until he is fully healed from his surgery. The TLSO covers him from his lower waist to above his chest. The doctor said it will not come off for at least three months from the time of his surgery...which was almost two months ago! There are a lot of exercises he cannot do with the TLSO...because he's still healing...but hopefully in the meantime there is still enough that he can do with it on! We're supposed to meet with his doctor next week! Wish us luck!