Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Little Stinker...Ya Gotta Love'm

So I've been told time and time again the "terrible two's" are nothing compared to the "big three!" I used to just shrug it off ..But lately I'm beginning to think they weren't too far off. Brody will be turning three in September... and in just a few short weeks a streak of defiance has begun shining through his sly little smile!
Water is something Brody LOVES to play in...sink...pool...or hose. For watering her plants, Grandma has the coolest sprayer that is attached to the family hose. Day after day Brody has tried to figure out the knobs that make the sprayer turn on. One day he finally won the struggle and before we knew it water was spraying most everyone during a family dinner! Mike...who was a few feet away from those being soaked...assertively requested him to turn it off...without the slightest hesitation Brody defiantly directed the water right at Mike and began repeating the soaking process...What a stinker...Without question Brody received a blunt swat on his little bottom followed by a teary timeout! But apparently that wasn't enough...He pulled the same stunt...only with my aerosol hairspray...ugggh! But...even with all his stubborn stunts...we still can't help but love that defiant little boy to pieces!
The only thing I keep hoping...this means he's not going to give up too easily in life...and just because someone tells him he can't do something...doesn't mean it can't be done!


Norm, Frances and Family said...

I have a grandaugter that is four and she is showing the same kinds of "strengths". Right now she is out of control with her "attitude" but if her parents can just cannel and mold that part of her, in the right direction, I thik she will be fine. You were right on the mark, I think, when you said that these "assertive attitudes" will help them later in life, if they are taught "when and how" to be assertive.

Dealing with the world these little ones are going to have to deal with when they get older, is going to require them to stand fast in their beliefs and to be strong.

You and Mike are on the right track!!! You are so gotta love them.

Jen said...

Michelle, I love it! Not because it is not very difficult but because misery loves company. I agree that three is the terrible two's. Just don't listen to anyone who says "just wait till they are teenagers". All it will produce is hives, ulcers and a lot of wasted years. Hang in there, smile often and just know there is a large group of us who know how you feel--- exhausted! Love you guys Jen and boys

The Larson Family said...

Brody sounds so funny! I'm in trouble though if kids get more defiant. Jayden is going through a little rebellious stage right now and he just turned two! I guess they're just capable of more at age three though. Fortunately we haven't been hosed down yet!

Morgan said...

Oh, that three-year-old stage! I feel your pain! Ryker is the same way. Little stinker. Ryker's favorite game is tormenting his big sister... or his mom.