Saturday, July 5, 2008

Life Without the Shell...

Jocelyn cuddles with her "shelless" daddy!

Wow, life without Mike's "turtle shell" has been awesome! When the doctor first took the shell off he said he'd want it back on as soon as he returned home. He said it would be a sort of "weaning" process and eventually he'd be able to get along entirely without it. Well...since that day in the doctor's office...the shell has not touched Michael!!! He was DONE! Quite "cold turkey!" And I don't blame him.! It's definitely worked plenty of muscles that he wasn't able to work before...and so he's been quite sore and leery of trying different things...but he's getting along great!

Here are a few pictures our most recent crazy times (I think I went way too long without posting...)
We had to fix the tires on our corolla so we made a family outing of it! Brody LOVED looking at all the wheels!

Last week we went for a family stroll down Locust! It was really fun to get out as a family in the fresh air! Mike did really was a bit hard to keep up with him. I hope we can make these strolls a more common thing!

On Friday my brother Riley and Mike's brother Richard took Mike to an indoor shooting was Mikes first time at an indoor range...he loved it!

For the fourth we had a great time with water, fireworks and family! Jocelyn was sleeping for this picture...we didn't lose her!

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Amy Craig said...

Hey Michelle!! How is the house selling going?? I sure do miss you guys!