Sunday, July 13, 2008

30 Years...

Who would have thought that a trip to the dentist would have begun an eternity of love!

Just moments after arriving home from a two year mission Jon Bratt stopped in at the dentist to surprise his sisters (dental hygienists) of his homecoming. It was there that he met his first and only love Debie Ryan. Sparks flew as he shook the hand of the young beautiful brunette. It was hard for Jon to believe he had found his first love so soon! But two years later...they were sealed for time and all eternity at the Provo LDS Temple exactly 30 years ago today!

Did you know...

My parents have had a date nearly every Friday night since they were married!
They dated for a year and were engaged for a year before married!
They didn't kiss until over the alter (unbelievable but true) They've made up for it ever since!
They have seven children (of which I am their favorite j/k) and five and a half grandchildren!
They can really rock it out on the dance floor!
The Year They Were Married...1978...


House $64,370.00 (Their first home was $24,500.00)
Car $4,645.00
Milk $1.44
Gas $.65
Bread $.33
Postage Stamp $.15
Average Income $10,671.00

President: Jimmy Carter
Vice President Walter Mondale


Dorothy Hamill haircuts
Bell bottoms
CB radios
LARGE collars
Earth shoes

Fridto Bandito
Polyester shirts


Spencer W. Kimball was president of the LDS church
All worthy males regardless of race in the LDS church received the Aaronic priesthood


The hit film "Grease" made it's debut
Sony introduces the Walkman, the first portable stereo
Grammy was awarded to The Eagles for their hit single "Hotel California"


July 13, 1978

A love of all time and eternity was created and sealed!
We Love you Mom and Dad...Happy Anniversary!


C&T Family said...

That is so cute! How did you get all the information about the year they were married? I can't believe they never kissed!

Becky (0: said...

What an awsome post!!!!!
Your parents sound awesome!!! Is your dad THE Bratt from Bratt landscaping?
Just wondering. Richard worked for them for the 7 weeks we were engaged right after his mission. That is a way funny story I will have to tell you sometime!
Becky (0:

Jon and Deb said...

You are such a cute sneaky girl! What a fun surprise and wow, you just never cease to amaze me! We even forgot a lot of the 1978 info you added... we loved it.
It's been a fast 30 years in a lot of ways, full of life's lessons. We wouldn't trade a moment together and look forward to the next 30.

Thank you the beautiful tribute. We love you!
Mom and Dad

P.S. Dad always said the reason he didn't kiss me before we got married is because he knew he wouldn't want to stop. Now we never have to!

Courtney said...

Wow, Michelle. I can't believe how much you look like your mom.... and how Mike actually looks like your dad!! At first I was trying to figure out if it was your parents or Mike's, then I read the post.
Very cool.
Love you guys,

Jessica said...

HEY! That is a good idea! I love your blog its always so cute! You should email me sometime! We have a blog and want to add you in! Email me so we can go from there...

Jessica Evans

The Cahoon Family said...

That's awesome. It's so fun to have those landmarks. My Grandparents are hitting 60 years at the end of the month. I think I'm going to have to do that for their anniversary too.