Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another Step in the Right Direction...

So tomorrow is another big day! Since Mike has come home from the hospital hasn't been able to do much rehab due to his brace being on for nearly four months and insurance confusion. Well we have finally been able to defuse both issues and tomorrow afternoon we'll be meeting with Neuroworx for his first rehab visit! This is a rather large step in the right direction and we are both anxious for the progress! Wish us luck!


On the fourth, between family get-togethers, we stopped off at the house for a break...and the kids had a hay day with the fan!


The Gomes Family said...

Oh Happy Day! WHooooo hoooo!

The Bratt Family said...

Congrats! good luck. It was great to see you guys on the 4th. Keep up the good work.

The Larson Family said...

It sounds like Mike is doing great without his shell. I can't blame him for not putting it back on! Good luck with the physical therapy! I hope you guys continue to see the great progress you have so far! By the way, I can't believe how big Jocelyn has gotten. You sure have a cute family!

rick and tara werry said...

That's so cool you guys get to start rehab!! We're way excited for you guys! You'll have to let us know how it is there. Good luck!!!

The Cahoon Family said...

YAY, congrats on all your big steps!! That's awesome.

Becky (0: said...

It was great to see you last night!! It was so fun to sit around and chat!
Hang in there, you guys will get the doctor junk worked out! You guys are always in our prayers!
I love the post about having the shell off! Mike is so amazing and awesome!!
Becky (0: