Friday, April 18, 2008


Like I was telling my sister-in-law know you have a lot of kids in the house when you look at your hand sanitizer and find a cheerio at the bottom of the bottle! And that's how it has been here at the Dale and Elaine Kemp Household of five adults and five kids (all kids being 3 and under)! There's never been a dull moment! We are almost outnumbered...but having a blast! Dale and Elaine are being total troopers! They were "Empty Nester's" just for a few months before they were hit with a hurricane of "fun!"

After Mike's accident...we realized that we couldn't live in our home...Mike can't get around independently because it is a two story in short of me becoming "wonder woman" and flying him upstairs...or him becoming "he-man" and muscling himself up the stairs...we have temporarily moved in with his parents! They have been so welcoming...not to mention a TON of has his sister Kassie...who is staying here until her husband returns from Germany this summer (by the way...she is one awesome mom)!

Jocelyn has her own fan club...all three of the toddlers (Brody, Allison, and Megan) huddle around her like she's a star! We try not to let it go to her head! :)


So Sunday After Jocelyn's blessing Mike was lying in bed...staring at his legs wondering what he could do! So he started focusing on moving his leg...he could have sworn he felt some he called me in! I put my hand just above his knee...a small wave of muscle fluttered my fingers! My jaw dropped! " just flexed your muscle!"..."That's what I thought!" he said ...and since then he has been flexing that muscle everyday...working on building it...and just enjoying that it's there! This has been the biggest recovery we have seen yet! It's's so evident...that as you watch his can see the muscle contract! We were so excited...I couldn't help but cry a little...just a little!

I didn't even know that he could do this...but apparently with the help of a HKAFO (Hip knee ankle foot orthodic) Mike can sort of take steps using the walker! He uses his hip flexers to swing one leg in front of him at a's really slow going...but it's a way to work on bone density, blood pressure...and see if we can't get more muscles to "wake up" was really cool seeing him upright! Gosh he's handsome!

Ok...Mike...I get it...YOU ROCK!!!


Luke Traci and Bailee Bulkley said...

Thats so amazing!

Roger, Christy and Katie said...

I was looking at your blog thinking how amazing your family is! I went to do an update on my dad and saw your comment :) I am so excited for Mike and his muscle "waking up". You have come such a long way and have been a great example to my mom. Thank you! If there is EVER ANYTHING we can do please ask!! We love you!

Christy (ICU buddies :))

The Larson Family said...

It looks like you guys are all having a blast together! You are so lucky to have so much family around. That's awesome the Mike keeps progressing so much! It is great to see him upright too. It gives me the chills. Oh, and Michelle, I've been meaning to tell you . . . you really look cute in hats.

The Gomes Family said...

WOO HOO! What a break through, you are all troopers and that is evidence that our faith is working! Love ya!

Cousins in Cali!

Becky said...

That is so awesome that he is able to do what he is doing. Keep it up Mike

Jodi Lybbert said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!!
I'm just so in awe of your faith! You are incredible.
I know he's going to walk again! (Even though I was a little excited about not being the shortest in the family anymore... ha ha!!)

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Mike,

You two are amazing. Thank you for sharing your courage and strength with us through your blog. We continue to pray for Mike's recovery and continued blessings.

We love you,

Raymond and Aimee Gibby

Fullmer Fam said...

Hey Michelle!! I've been reading your blog and it is TOTALLY inspiring and updlifting to me!! Kali told me your address and I am happy I found you!! You guys are in our prayers and give us strength!! Love you!!

Becky (0: said...

You are The Man!!! You amaze me with your faith, strength and humor!!!
Becky Ruff (0:

Lacey, Ryan & Leif said...

Michelle, I love your blog. You and Mike are so awe inspiring. What a blessed family. I love to read your words of hope. Love you guys.