Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Family Fun!

Ok, here's just a quick video of some fun family times..I decided that making videos is kinda my therapy...I know...a little obsessive...but I sure enjoy it!

Tomorrow we're going up to look at some out patient rehab facilities...we're anxious to get going on the next step...hopefully sooner then later!


The Larson Family said...

Michelle, I love the videos! They are so fun to watch. What program do you use to edit them?

Brody looks like a very happy boy. I loved seeing him try the wheel chair.

Good luck finding a rehab place. Hopefully things can get going for you soon!

Becky said...

I love to watch your videos. I cannot belive how big Brody has gotten, and Jocelyn is such a doll.

Becky (0: said...

Keep making those videos, they rock!!!! And that is a good kind of therapy!
We will miss you tomorrow night at dinner, but really look forward to next month. We really wanted to invite a new someone fun! We are losing Amy in a month or two and I am leaving at the end of the summer, so i want to see all the fun chicks hang out and laugh and just be chicks!
Good luck with the meeting, tell Mike we think of him a lot! You are always in our prayers!
Becky (0:

Jen said...

Hey Kemps! Long time no see! Paul & I ran into Justin & Laura Anderson in Macey's and they let us know about the accident. We were stunned but both Paul & I said the same thing as we walked away: "If anyone can handle a trial like this, it's Mike & Michelle! They're such positive, upbeat, faithful people!" Since then I have been reading your blogs and I am even more amazed by your positive, upbeat, faithful outlook on life! You are such wonderful examples to us! I'm very excited to hear about Mike's progress!

I'm glad the sale went so well. (There was so much to choose from! I walked away with a "Time Out" chair for my boys! They drive me nuts sometimes!)

I've loved the videos you post. Brody looks so happy and it was fun to watch him in the wheelchair! Keep up the great smiles!

Jennifer Tanner

P.S. Congrats on your new little girl too! She's beautiful!

Jessica Evans said...

I love your video! Good job on winning the wheel chair race! lol its easier for you cause you can bend over, lol. Anyway hope you guys can find a rehab place! Your in our prays and love you guys!

-Jessica Evans

P.S. I finally finished that blanket and more comes with it so hope to see u on sunday to give it to you guys!

Becky said...

Hey Michelle & Mike-
I just want to thank you for all of your blogs, videos and your positive attitudes. It has really helped me help my brother. Rick & Tara were so thrilled that you came to visit them last night-I got there just after you left. Tara said you wanted my blogsite-here it is: http://beckysownlittlespot.spaces.live.com
I am so excited for the progress you are making and I hope that you will be able to continue to make little steps towards recovery. Good luck in all you do!

Goodkids said...

I LOVE the videos. I know that I've cried for every single one. I love you and am proud of you, Michelle.

Alex &Hill said...
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Alex &Hill said...

Michelle, sorry for deleting my first comment, I realized after I posted it that I didn't even tell you who was writing to you! So first of all you have such a beautiful family! You are also an amazing woman! I am happy to see that you guys are home and I am glad that I ran into you at the hospital that one night. I wish that we would have had more time to chat. Michael ended up being one of my patients that exact same night! Funny how that works. I hope that you continue to make the same great progress and look forward to future postings! I also wanted to thank you for being such a great example as a wife and mother, and let you know that your family is always in my prayers!
Love, Hillary Quintero (Wells)