Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ride'n With My Dad!

Yesterday Mike was able to see the kids again and this time he was up and in his wheelchair when they came! I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids or Mike. Brody hasn't seemed to be bothered with this whole experience. For the most part he just sees that Daddy has a new toy! It was real neat for Mike to be able to give Brody a ride...he is still talking about how much he enjoyed it. And yesterday was actually the first day that Mike was able to hold Jocelyn since his accident. It's amazing how special little moments become when they're taken away so quickly. This whole experience has really caused us to realize how important our family is and how we have the opportunity to become stronger. We just hope that we can make that happen!

Mike Update:

Gosh, Mike is doing amazing! Really, you wouldn't believe the stuff they are having him do in such a short amount of time. Last week he was pretty much flat on his back and still fairly loopy...and this week he is back to regular Mike and wheel'n around like a wild monkey! He is doing physical and occupational therapy twice daily and learning tons. Like how to log roll in bed to prevent bed sores. How to transfer from one place to another such as from his bed to his wheelchair and from his wheelchair to the car. He is learning how to do wheelies so he can hop a curb or prevent a fall! The trainers tell us they are really impressed with Mike and his ability to take on new challanges. They say he's doing things that he normally wouldn't be doing for weeks. So yes, Mike still has his incredible attitude. Today he was telling our cousins that he is looking at this experience like a new challange such as he did with wresteling and other sports. I really don't think I could have handle any of this if it wasn't for his continuing optimistic glass half full attitude! I love ya Mike!


Wilson said...

This brought tears to my eye's Michelle. Thank you so much for the inspiration and you guys never seize to amaze me. We love you guys.
Your baby is beautiful! I loved it when she started smiling at Mike. So cute.

Jen Howard said...

We love you guys. I can't stop crying just seeing what a wonderful gift you guys have. Thank you for sharing your expierences with us. Happy Easter-See you soon Jen and boys

The Larson Family said...

Wow, I know you guys hear it over and over, but you really are inspiring! I feel the spirit every time I read your blog and learn of the great faith your family has. You are such good examples of optimism and perserverance. Thank you for sharing your experiences! You guys have really touched my life through your examples!

chadbrihep said...

Mike and Michelle...
You two are so amazing. I cannot even begin to describe how I feel after reading everything in your blog in regards to this whole incident that has occurred. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and I know that you have many other thoughts and prayers in your behalf at this time. You two are truly, an outstanding example of having a good and positive attitude during the trials of this mortal life on earth. How truly blessed you must be. Mike, I've never met you but seeing pictures of you and hearing about you just makes me cry. - Keep it up you two and I hope to visit with you soon. I love you guys.

jenngray said...

Mike and Michelle-

Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us. You inspire us to live a different and better life. Thank you for your constant positive outlook. Our lives are better for knowing you.

Russ and Jenn Gray

RazzFamily said... just made me ruin my make-up. We love the videos, you are beyond an amazing family.

Jodi Lybbert said...

Thank you for sharing this!! It's amazing to see Mike's progress in such a short time! You go Mike!!

Jocelyn is SO DANG CUTE!! I think she looks a little like Mom!!
Love you!!