Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eye Opener!

Just days before Michael's accident I was really stressed. We had a new baby and I was nervous about life as parents of two children. Wondering if we could handle it...if we'd be good parents...trying to protect our newborn from sickness and this awful cold weather. Then Brody fell down hurting his tooth. We started to notice how it was turning grey...this meant that it was dying. Which meant it would possibly fall out and we would have a boy who was missing his two front teeth for several years. This caused me to be in hysterics. I cried and cried when I thought of a toothless, has my perspective changed. So when Mike called to tell me about his accident he said "guess what...I still have my two front teeth!"

Mike is doing really well. He has a great attitude and looks at this as a new adventure. He has always been one to roll with the punches. But I am truly amazed at his ability to roll with THIS punch! Its been really interesting how his mind plays tricks on him. Because he cannot feel his legs, he does not realize where his legs are. He kept telling me to check his legs and make sure they weren't dangling of the side of the bed, or dragging on the floor. I would then show him that his legs were in fact up on the bed in front of him. But to realize that, he has to look right at them. These past few days have been a real eye opener as to what our life will be like when Mike returns home. How we will get around, what kind of wheelchair he will use, what kind of attachments we will need for our vehicle, what our home will require, and the dynamics of our family after this event! Tonight while waiting to meet Mike's sister at the hospital, Michael's brother and I decided to experiment on a wheelchair! It was another eye opener. I recommend anyone who hasn't tried wheeling around on one, to try it, it's definately a new perspective (it's kinda fun too)!

We are overwhelmed at the amount of people who have shown concern and love for our little family! It has truly been extremely humbling! We just can't say thank you enough! We love you all! Thank you for taking care of us!


Michael, Michelle, Brody & Jocelyn


Michael has had some feeling in his legs. We tried pulling the hair on his thigh and his knee, he got after us because it hurt! You know what that means....he felt it!!! This doesn't mean walking, but it's a start!


Wilson said...

Oh Michelle our hearts are truly with you. We continue to pray for your family every night. You truly amaze me and the srength you have endured through this whole ordeal. We just want to let you know how much we love you.

The Larson Family said...

I love the pictures you have been posting. I especially love the picture of you guys coming out of the temple. I've never seen a happier picture in my life! It makes me want to go back to my own wedding day.
You are so right. When big trials like this come, you really start to see life differently. Of course, that doesn't mean the little things aren't hard too.
That is so great that Michael has had some feeling! Who knew that feeling someone pull your leg hair could be exciting? That really is great though!
I just want you to know we continue to pray for you guys too. I'm sure you are overwhelmed and hope you know that I would love to help you guys in any way I can.
~Hilary Larson and family

Tina F. said...

I love your blog and updates! It was so great seeing you guys last night! You both compliment each other and are such a great example of a happy marriage. I'm so glad Mike doesn't like his leg hairs pulled too ! :-) We love you guys and continue to pray for you very often. I know you have angels watching over you, much love and hugs! Clint and Tina

Beth James said...

Mike and Michelle,
We appreciate you sharing this blog site with us. It is hard not knowing how everything is going and this site really helps us keep up. We will be praying that Mike's rehab will go well, the mind is very powerful and it sounds like Mike's is right where it ought to be!
You are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you.

Uncle Keith & Aunt Beth

Jodi Lybbert said...

It's great to hear that Mike's getting some feeling!
Personally, I think Brody would be cute missing his two front teeth!! (Mike would be too!) Ha ha!!
I think Brody is really just trying to follow in Jeff's footsteps!!
Love you!!

mlmakrj said...

Mike and Michelle,
I am glad to hear Mike still has his sense of humor. Growing up, he always made us laugh. I want you guys to know that we are thinking of you and you are always in our prayers. We love you and wish you well for the future.

G-ma and G-dad R said...

Michell , you are such an inspiration to all of us, Mike is so fortunate to have a careing, beautiful wife.I know he hurts,but he sounds so positive, will make a great example for all to follow. I love his cheerfulness and of course his smile, So happy to hear he's doing better and can feel the hairs pulled.OUCH!!
Love you all and are praying for you all daily.G-ma and G-dad R

G-ma and G-dad R said...

Michell, you are so special, thank you for keeping us posted about Mike, he sounds so positive,and of course his smile has always been worth a million.You, my dear take care of yourself, you have a lot on your plate.Give the kids akiss for me until I get there. We are praying for you all daily,

Becky (0: said...

I was just thinking I hadn't read your blog in like a week so I thought I was going to! I love to read and hear how you are doing. It is so funny how you get things into a different perspective sometimes! I know that you are an awesome mom and you can do it! We love you guys so much!!! And keep pulling that leg hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (0:
Becky Ruff (0: