Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Free Falling!

This last August for Michael's birthday his family gave him a skydiving trip! He was so exited! He was going with his younger sister Kamie as well! I thought about going but being three months pregnant I thought better of it (that was my excuse)! Yes, it was quite brave of Michael to accept this challenge but you can only imagine how shocked he was when his mother decided accompanying them at the last minute (she shocked the entire family, this was a bit out of character)! So in the end it was a family event! Sadly we only have footage of Mike...and a bit of his mother. Hopefully we can add their videos soon but for now check this out!


Wilson said...

That was awesome! What did he say it was like? What were his emotions? Is it expensive to go go skydiving? Wow!

Jodi Lybbert said...

I can't believe you got a video on there! You are so technical!!
That looks like so much fun! I'm going to do that someday... when I'm like 80! Ha ha!

Goodkids said...

What a great blog, Michelle! Those pictures of Jocelyn are just simply stunning. She's so beautiful and so is Brody. What a good big brother he is! I hope you guys are doing really well. Please let me know if you need anything...I'm just a few houses away! Love,

Oh Babe COBABE said...

I still have a hard time believing that mom went sky diving...If it wasn't for the movie I don't think that I would have ever believed her. Funny but I am as afraid of heights as she is and I honestly can say I have no desire to go sky diving anytime soon! Love you guys...Give Broden and Jocelyn a kiss for me!

Oh Babe COBABE said...

I just talked to Mom and Dad...I just wanted to tell you that we love you guys very much! We are here in Germany thinking of you all!!!