Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Few More!

Yeah, so I know I already posted today...but I just had to add a few more!

PS: Jocelyn only woke up once last night! It's amazing how beautiful the world looks when a person's had a few more winks the night before!


rebeccaruff913 said...

This is Becky Ruff. I just saw your page in Jen Howard's and thought that I would stop by. You baby is SO cute! Congrats! Babies are amazing! I love the song playing. Bubbly- I just added it to my ipod last week. I would love to add the sound thing to my blog. How did you do it? Where did you get it? Could you let me know. You can email me at my regular email or I would love it if you visted our page
Come over and see us!!! It is great to see pictures! Talk to you soon!
Becky (0:

Shambonies said...

yaya you added picuters!! oh my gosh i love her she is just so so cute!!and you added music!! I am so proud of you!! you are amazing.. and guess what i love that song the first on i never knew what it was called and now i do thanks to you!! so thanks!! love ya!!