Monday, November 1, 2010

Brody's In Pre-School!!!

I'm a little late on posting...but Brody started pre-school for his first time and is doing wonderfully!!! It's amazing to watch my little man grow up...watching his little mind think creatively...learning new things...and being even more mischievous...yet...still my little man!!!

Before school officially started...Brody had a "meet your teacher" day. He was very quiet throughout the entire we were leaving I asked him what he thought of his teacher...he a very quiet voice..."she is the the coolest girl EVER!" Needless to say...I couldn't have picked better teachers for him!!!

From M and M Kemp 2
Brody gets to be in the same class as his two cousins.

From M and M Kemp 2

From M and M Kemp 2

From M and M Kemp 2

From M and M Kemp 2

We're so proud of you Brody!!!


Emery said...

um...where were his yellow-tie shoes when i was there!? LOVE them! I'm glad you're catching up on your fabulous blog...because that means "things" are coming! :) miss you already...

Debie said...

Ooh these are so cute> ... Love these pictures!