Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Family Boating Trip!

Yes....the kids did have more fun then they're letting on...and obviously...I tried to make up for that! But we really did have a blast!
From The M&M Kemp Family
"The Captain never leaves his ship"...says Mike when we try to get him in the water! He drove the boat!

From The M&M Kemp Family

This was Mom's first time ever...or in a really long time...on a wave runner...she screamed...and screamed some more! You could hear her clear across the lake! I'm still laughing...everyone knows...if you're going to get a ride...and you're a little don't go with Riley!

From The M&M Kemp Family

From The M&M Kemp Family

From The M&M Kemp Family

From The M&M Kemp Family

From The M&M Kemp Family

From The M&M Kemp Family

I don't think our family has ever done something quite like this...and it was worth every minute of it! Thanks everyone! Love you all!


Tiff said...

You make me smile¡ Those are fun pictures. Family is great isn't it?

Savannah said...

My Mom and I were just looking at your blog! We LOVE the pictures! We wanna come next time. :)

Marnie said...

I'm getting nostalgic. Our family used to do that alot when I was younger. I miss the boat and water! It looks like you all had a blast.

Stephanie said...

how fun! I LOVE the picture of you and the kids in your life jackets, they look so happy ;) too funny.

robana said...

I loved the pics of Mike on his bike. He should race Rick! Rick is riding almost everynight. I think he really loves it. Good for them!

Rachel and Jared said...

Love the pics!! Wish we could have been there. Looks like a blast!

Becs said...

Michelle, I can't believe how grown up your entire family is. YOu all look great. We need to get together soon. Please?

Jodi and Josh said...

Aw! How fun!! I wish were there!