Friday, June 11, 2010

Family Life!

From The M&M Kemp Family

So life here at the Kemp house has ceased to slow down! Crazy, fast & furious...but I'm not sure we'd have it any other way! As you may have guessed...Jocelyn's potty training...we're not doing the "potty train your child in one day"...or "three days" or even a week....we're on the "how to potty train your child in 6 months plan!" She's doing great! I think it's me that's struggling to commit...I had such a bad experience with potty training Brody...I'm quite scared to actually leave Jocelyn in underwear all day! I took the leap of faith two days ago...we went to visit hour later...she had a little ball of poop in her hand for Grammy...Uuugh!!! We followed her which consisted of a trail of little hard, brown, poop balls leading to the toys...I'm so sorry Mom! But she's doing a pretty dang good job otherwise! I'd love any advice that's out there!

From The M&M Kemp Family

Jocelyn has two volumes...on...or off! Anyone who knows her...knows she's very loud...and has quite the attitude! She puts all her words to songs. She has loved pink since she was tiny...or I mean kidding! She lives for her babies! And loves to snuggle her daddy! ...and sometimes Mom and Brody too!

From The M&M Kemp Family

From The M&M Kemp Family

Brody is growing up so fast...he just learned how to ride his bike...has a superhero shirt for every day of the week...and constantly reminds me of words we don't say!

From The M&M Kemp Family
Come this will have been 2 years since we started a photography business. It's been a dream come true...and a huge blessing in our lives! I love it...I get to work with so many fun, happy, beautiful people...doing something I've always loved! It's definitely brought it's own set of challenges...such as trying to juggle family and editing pictures... but between the two of us, Mike and I...we make it work. At least until Mike finishes school!

From The M&M Kemp Family

Mike is doing awesome! He just received his associates degree! Mind you...he started from scratch at UVU...two years ago this September...and has already received his Associates! We are so proud of him! We all laughed when he told us how he had refused to go through the graduation line...and told the school to "mail it. The stinker! He's now working on his Bachalors ...I told him next time he has no choice...he has to be in the graduation...there's no mailing that one!

Some more great news..we are now proud owners of a riding lawn mower...Mike can independantly drive! It's controlled through the he can mow the lawn anytime he wants! Thanks to family and friends...we found a great deal on an older maintenace lawn's a little exsesive for our lawn size... but he can mow the front lawn in 5 minutes easy! We applied for an assitive technology grant for the lawn mower...and just found out today he was accepted! Which was obviously fantastic news!

Mike is "Mr. Fix It" around the here...usually figuring out an "out of the box" way of doing most things...but he gets it done! He's repaired most of the broken sprinkler heads...weeded much of the yard...sprays the dandy lions with a "jimmy rigged" sprayer and his 4-wheeler...and has built and fixed tons in the house. He's also "Mr. Mom" when I'm busy doing photo shoots...or editing. He'll do it, cleaning, putting the kids to bed...and even gives them baths! And yes, as busy as he gets...he still manages to stay the sweet, hunky, manly man I've always loved!

From The M&M Kemp Family


Emery said...

the picture of mike is PRICEless. i love when you update your blog...but not as much as when i get to SEE you. MUAH!

Nicole Fryer said...

Sounds like you guys are doing great! You have such a cute family, and you Look GREAT!

Wilson Family said...

Your family is so cute...You guys always amaze me...Cal me some time so we can get together

SBZabriskie said...

Your family is so beautiful! I am so glad that you are all doing well.

The Lewis Family said...

ha, yes, those heart glass SCREAM hunky :D

Congrats on all the good news, and ugh to the potty training, we are there too... playing the pullups game because 3 pairs of underwear in a day was too much for me.


Marnie said...

Love the new blog! Love all the new pictures! Love all the updates! So good to hear that things are going so well.

Hope to see you soon!

Erin said...

Wow-its really crazy how much changes in just a couple of years! I love your blog and I love your family! You could be the poster family for America!

mycurlyhairdays said...

It's so awesome to hear from you guys! Your family is so beautiful! More and more everytime I see a picture of you guys!!!
Richard and I LOVE the story of the lawnmower! That is totally awesome!!!!!!!
Awesome for Mike and his Associate's Degree! He is such a hard worker! He better do the graduation thing next time!
Oh the joys of potty training. Such a process. I have done it three times and it's still rough. Call me sometimes or email me and we can chat!
PS We are coming into town in about a week and a half. Are you going to be around? We would love to say hi!

Ashley Dawn said...

Seems like you guys are doing great! I need to check in here more often.

Alaina said...

I love that last picture. Just makes me happy :)

Saralee said...

Adorable pictures, as usual! =) You and I need to chat sometime... I could really use some advice! Also, I just want to hang out with you. =)

Jodi and Josh said...

Love the new layout! Wow! You're amazing!