Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update of our Life Lately

Living at Grandpa and Grandma's house...Brody has become so close with his cousins. First with his two cousins Allison and Megan...and now with Ethan and Lincoln! They spend practically every day together. They really are like brothers!

I think it's safe to say Brody and Ethan are little boys by night...and super heroes by day! It used to be Spider man and Batman...and now...because Ethan started getting into it...Brody is too...but now they are obsessed with Ben 10! It's a TV show that is about a little boy that turns into a super hero! They can't get enough of it! He's quite the super hero...except when he gets in trouble. He'll say..." me four arms!" and I say "'re not Four Arms until I see my good little boy again!" He sighs..."OK...I'm Brody!" I'll have to post a video of him when he "turns into a hero!" his pronunciation is pretty well as his new Ben 10 dance!

Apparently charcoal can make for some pretty good face paint!

Jocelyn is crawling everywhere! Babbling and laughing! She has been such a giggling joy! Her hair is getting so long...I have no clue what to do with it...except...of course...keep spiking it up! I think it might be getting too long...oh well!

She's quite the daddy's girl...I know Mike will kill me for posting this picture...but I just thought it was so telling of them...and how she'll just hang out on his lap. She can hang on pretty well Mike wheels her around!

My sister-in-law mentioned bubbles and jets make for some pretty big bubbles! So we's true!

Jocelyn's been one for a month now...but I forgot to post her actual birthday pictures!

She had a hard time with something...but she cheered up fast...I LOVE the new leggings and bows she received for gifts...Thank you Emery and Grandma's!

Jocelyn LOVES food! Really...yesterday she ate two bowls of oatmeal...and a huge bowl of yogurt and was ready for more...we're raising a monster...but a cute one at that!

Mike's doing really well! He's still attending school and is just now starting up physical therapy again. We were waiting for the braces...and now that they arrived...he's going to learn how to best use them! YES! So today is actually the first day...and I get to come...I can't wait to see!


mckenna said...

You may think that Brody is the super hero, but you guys are just a whole family of Supers!! Brody with his superhero imagination, Jocelyn with her super cuteness, you with your super gorgeous-ness/photographer-ness/supermom-ness, and Mike with his super attitude, etc. Seriously! Such an amazing little family!

Mycurlyhairdays said...

I love the pictures! Your kids are such cuties! I think that is the only time I have seen Jocelyn cry! She is still so cute!
Go Mike! I can't wait to hear more!!!
PS It's so fun to see a picture of you, Miche! We never get to see you! You are looking so beautiful! Miss you tons!

The Larson Family said...

Your kids are adorable! Those bubbles looked awesome. I wish we had a jetted tub so Jayden could have a bubble bath that bubbly! I hope Mike's PT went well.

The Gomes Family said...

I love you guys!